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Life is just this moment. Simple as that.

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Who is Gio Arva and why you might need to know

In fact, you might NOT need to know.

However, since you are on this page, I appreciate your time reading this.

And .. who knows? We might become friends either you relate on any of my points of views, or not. What I write here, my style, my face, whatever..

I will try to keep my story extremely short, in order for you to get the point at once. You might relate with me in some way.

So, here it is:

I had a few bucks and [1] idea. The idea was to achieve something valuable for a specific audience here in my country, that could also be able to generate for me a solid income  – 100% online. Having in my arsenal of tools just a wordpress site, few plugins and the mindset to achieve what I put on my mind – taking into consideration that this idea should be applied in a “difficult” country in terms of unemployment. All the above, without hiring any developer and avoiding as well “angel investors”. After constant trial & error, frustration and a lot of failures, I finally hit the wall for great results.

I don’t mention here the details. However, in case you would like more details / stats about what I created, I would happily share with you more about it, along with screenshots. Just contact me.

Based on experience, my approach on things is summarized in these 3 words: Simplicity, quality, results.

Below I share with you my allies in life. Enhance these “allies” in your everyday life and you will experience tremendous positive changes within yourself:

  • Creativity
  • Awareness
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation

Now, let me share with you 3 important facts or truths as well, based on personal experience and human history:

  1. Causes and effects are interconnected concepts, inextricably linked meanings
  2. Money is just an idea –> a thought –> energy
  3. Everything matters

And what about 5 of the most important principles that had made me an impact in my life and can make to your life as well, in case you have not implemented these yet.

Here they are:

  1. Being creative instead of competitive
  2. Being aware and living in present – here and now
  3. Trusting your intuition
  4. Being grateful every day
  5. Do not try to mimic anyone, because you are already a masterpiece (I realized this from the spiritual master OSHO and I’m 100% agreed)

Business / Work
In theory:
Msc in Ecommerce from Kingston University, UK
Bachelor in automation engineer

In practice:
I don’t like titles. So I try to avoid labels like “entrepreneur”, “marketer”, “service coordinator”, “web developer”, “wholesaler” .. you got the point.

In short, for over a decade I have experience in:
– Wholesale commerce
– Electronic commerce
– Technical service, support & coordination
– Business development, customer service
– SEO, SEM, copywriting in multiple types of online businesses

Working out mind, body and soul. Healthy food and working out at least 3 times a week are critical for achieving a goal. Enhance these in your everyday life and you will always be a step ahead. You can achieve anything you put on your mind, once you have good energy. Make healthy mind and body your allies.

Life, love and happiness
I am not perfect. At least I aim to learn a new thing each day. Books and specific mentors are a must to have in order to increase awareness, get more knowledge and wisdom. However, the most important thing is practice the right knowledge  along with the right direction you get.

Always try to find and spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

As Tai Lopez divides life into 4 sectors, which you want to take care of: health, wealth, love and happiness.

Well, here is a tip to apply in all these 4 sectors of life: Just be a little more aware. Find your purpose. Relax. Give and appreciate. As greatly Tony Robbins says: do something with appreciation, not expectation. You will be amazed how differently you see the world.

Love yourself first. Be selfish in a good way. It’s impossible to love others, if at first you do not love yourself.

Do you want to connect with me? Would you like to ask me something? Let’s connect, I will be happy with it!

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